Linda Weech is a West Coast Canadian artist whose photographs, paintings and mixed media works focus on the rich and luminous qualities of our inner and outer worlds. Represented in private collections worldwide, her work reflects the beauty and mystery of nature, humanity, and the journey of realizing our universal oneness.

Linda received her B.F.A. in Visual Arts with Distinction from the University of Victoria (1980). She was awarded the Teachers’ Award of Excellence upon completion of UVic’s Post Degree Professional Program (specializing in Art Education, 1985).

Since then, Linda has been living her passion by integrating art, education and community so that the healing power of creative expression can contribute to vital individual and community development. For over twenty-five years she has held classes, workshops, and creative retreats for both local and international students of all ages and experience.

She aspires to help the global community to achieve transformation and wholeness so that the world can be the place we were meant to live in.  This aspiration has also led to the creation and development of the Children’s International Peace Project.